Transportation Power

Clean and efficient energy is widely used in automobiles, new energy vehicles, ships, traction locomotives, etc

Car Battery

Aokly Power is not only a battery supplier for many domestic and foreign automotive enterprises, but also a designated partner for batteries of bus systems in many domestic first-line cities. Each high-safety starting battery is derived from the  high-standard production environment of Aokly Power.
Starts and stops series 
Adopt high-purity materials, patented technology formula,flame retardant materials, optimized sealing structure, fireproof and explosion-proof! Among them, the AGM start-stop battery cold cranking amperes (CCA)is 30% higher than that of normal flooded battery, and has strong starting performance; the partial charge and deep cycle performance of the EFB start-stop battery is twice that of the normal flooded battery, supporting the engine to start more frequently, and Extended idle time.

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