1.Provide necessary technical training and technical consulting services for agents free of charge, free promotion materials , etc
    2.Preferential policies for agents
    3.Agent price
    5.The company has invested a lot of advertisements in major online media and platforms to facilitate agents to better expand the market


    1. Legally operated companies and self-employed
    2. Have a certain place of business and storage facilities suitable for its business objectives
    3. Have certain financial strength and good business reputation
    4. Ability to operate, manage and manage manpower, funds, markets, brands, etc
    5. Have a good social coordination ability in the regional market; abide by the contract and keep credibility, and seek long-term development planning
    6. Agents or individuals who enjoy exclusive sales rights in the region are not allowed to sell across regions

  • Process

    1. Understand: understand the company's investment requirements and make preparations for preliminary funds and market research
    2. Negotiation: communicate in detail with the company's region sales on specific matters of cooperation
    3. Sign a contract: both parties sign a cooperation agreement
    4. Determine the plan: make payment for the purchase within the agreed time, the company assists in planning related matters, and cooperates to complete logistics